My name is Kanoe, pronounced Ka-noy, which means “the mist” in Hawaiian. I am a freelance visual and digital designer based in Longmont, Colorado. I am a lover of travel and art and I draw creative inspiration from different cultures and countries. I am a positive team player and I pride myself on sharp organizational skills, quick turnarounds and thorough communication in order to maintain an efficient workflow. My resume can viewed here


"Kanoe’s innate sense of design and composition comes through beautifully in all of her creative media and her friendly and humble personality is wonderful to work with."
                 - Glenn Asakawa, Assistant Director of Photo & Video, University of Colorado

"Kanoe’s creative style brings a unique richness to art. From the smallest details to the largest landscape, Kanoe’s vision is perfection. She is exceptionally hard-working and devoted to her passion. What an honor to work with Kanoe"
                 - Julie Andersen, English Language Center, University of Denver 

"It is always a relief for me to be able to hand off to Kanoe,  a project that requires fresh creativity on a tight deadline!  This allows me to stick to what I do best knowing all the while, Kanoe is doing what she does best!"

               - Wanda Brewer Ickes, COO, Brad Brewer Golf Academy, Orlando, FL

"Kanoe is an incredible photographer and artist. She has produced exceptional work for special cultural events, designed promotional materials, and even taken our adoption and family photos. Not only is she versatile, producing unique and high quality work, but she puts her heart into everything she does and it shows. I always feel at ease working with Kanoe."
              - Madelaine Devan, English Language Center, University of Denver